See You In Hell!

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Oh, fer cute...

I just got a birthday card from my Aunt Barb, and it contained this great old picture of me holding baby amycita:

1973- new baby sister

Thursday, June 23, 2005

this is beautiful...

"I gotta get me a bear. And teach it to maul anything in sky blue Fubu and backwards Yankees hats. And then release it in Malibu. Once chunks of Kevin showed up in the bears stool, animal control might be pretty upset, but then I’d explain it was Kevin Federline and we’d all have a pretty good laugh." after thesis is good! I have time to read spazzy web stuff--woot woot.

Mothah-f'ing done!!!!!!!!!!!!

Or really damned close at least! I defended my thesis and it went quite well. My committee said really nice things which was cool as they are all very smart and I respect them a lot. So now i just have to make a few changes to the paper, but feel very comfortable celebrating this weekend w/ a whole bunch o' folks who are also quite happy i'm just about done with this!

As a friend said yesterday, "so does this mean we'll get to like see you and hang out once in a while now?" yes, yes, i think it does! And perhaps i'll even blog a bit more!

Wee haw!

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

My husband is a Toilet-Whisperer

Check this out: This morning, the toilet was totally plugged. I think that the culprit was actually somewhere else in the house, as neither Devin nor I had recently made any deposits that could be considered plug-worthy, but anyway, I plunged the fuck out of it this morning and it still wouldn't budge, so I stormed off late to work and left Devin to deal with it.

A couple hours later, I received an email from Devin that said simply:

“The toilet is fine, I had a long talk with it and we agreed that it would be best if it just went back to flushing normally”.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Not feeling searingly witty at the moment...

Am tired and crabby. Why do even good changes = stress and trauma to me? What the fuck?!? I guess I fear change. OK well, maybe it isn't all that neurotic of me to be stressed by the sight of tons of boxes filling my apartment as I attempt to turn on my kick to finish the school year (this attempt metaphorically looks like trying to kick start a dying motorcycle--actually more of a Vespa). I give one final exam tomorrow (which i just finished writing tonight) and 2 finals on Friday (one of which i just finished writing tonight. And the only reason the other was done was b/c it was a departmental final meaning someone else wrote it long, long ago.) The cats are really loving the new obstacle course created by our packing. Both of them have decided that sitting in the bookcase rules. I think that if possible we should leave them some shelf space in the new house. It really cheers me up to walk by and do a double take when I glimpse a kitty sitting in an unexpected place. OOh, Bosco is stalking Lucy around a particularly large box. He resembles a racoon: all stripey, big, and getting into everything. It's so cute! So I should be cheerful and happy because on Monday we are officially "closing" on the house. ("you're surrounded, house, come out with your eaves up...") But my musical motto being "always look on the bright side of life" I'm dreading the 12 hour drive this Saturday/Sunday and the return trip on Tues/Wed. Then I have a few more responsibilities and parties for work, plus organizing and packing up all my shite from my cubicle (it's a mini-office) as well as the stuff in all the classrooms I teach in, let's see, there are 5 total. 5. In my new school they tell me I'll have one room that is mine. I can't wait for that! Plus the building was newly refurbished where as the one I am currently in is moldy, poorly ventilated, was designed by a architect known for his work in prisons (and it shows) and it's overcrowded too boot (how the hell is that little phrase supposed to be spelled?!? Is it French? Please advise.)

Monday, June 13, 2005

This just in....

Michael Jackson has been found "Not Guilty" on all counts.
When asked how he was going to celebrate his acquittal, Jackson replied:
"I think I'll go home, take a nice long bath, and bugger some little boy in my bed tonight".

I saw “Revenge of the Sith” this weekend, and I must say, it didn’t completely suck. But it WAS a little too computer-generated for my taste, and was basically devoid of any strong female characters. I mean, in the past two, Padme was like, a major political player….but now she’s in love, so fuck the career. Also, when Anakin turns to the dark side she “loses her will to live” and dies for no apparent reason other than she no longer has a man.

I really don’t remember a helluva lot about the first 2 star wars prequels, except that they were replete with suckiosity. The only thing that really sticks out in my mind was that there’s actually a blood test for Jedi.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Portland has crabs...

crabby 1

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Who wants a BLT?

And by BLT I mean, of course, a Bana, Law, & Theroux sandwich (that's Eric Bana, Jude Law, and Justin Theroux, for those not in the know).

Who's with me?

Cat on a cool green roof...

I was just about ready to fall asleep last night. the window was open, the sounds of little creatures doing their thing, the occasional car or loud Harley zooming by, all in all, pretty standard for a cool but definitely not cold evening. Then I hear what sounds like a squirrel on the roof. I look out the window and notice that the screen was off (due to a Dylan expedition a few weeks back to pull down a tree branch that was thwacking the roof in a most annoying manner). I didn't see a squirrel, but quickly closed the window as i didn't want any weird creature to come in. We weren't thinking of our creature who may have snuck outside however...After a long search for Pabs, Dyl ventured up on the roof and sure enough, found Mr. Pabs way up over the top near the back end of the house. He didn't seem too thrilled as he was brought back in from his exciting kitty adventure, but cheered up enough to snug up later...