See You In Hell!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Giuseppe has fleas!!!

And they are both strictly indoor cats, and have been for 14 years!!! WTF?!!!

The vet treated both cats with the Advantage stuff (supposed to kill all fleas w/i 12 hours), but of course that’s not enough for me. I spent the entire weekend laundering, vacuuming, liberally applying flea powders and sprays of varying toxicities to every surface in the house, and generally freaking the fuck out (even though I have not seen even one flea, except for on Giuseppe while at the vet's). Devin was at work all weekend, so I was alone in my vortex of paranoia. At the zenith of my insanity, I attached a flea collar to each ankle. See below:

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Reflecting upon my recent trip to the San Juans...

Although I thoroughly enjoyed the beauty of Orcas Island, I found myself annoyed with, then angry towards, and finally completely disgusted at the preponderance of "No Trespassing", "Private Drive", "Private Property", & "Keep Out" signs nailed onto any and every surface.
In Orcas Village, a tiny weed and garbage-filled embankment was fenced in and liberally festooned with "No Trespassing" signs. Walk along any forest trail on the island, and you'll witness the quiet perfection of Mother Nature brutally punctuated with reminders that so-and-so owns everything on either side of you, and you'd better not touch it.

Also, apparently no Coca Cola products exist anywhere north of Seattle.
Mt. Vernon, then Anacortes, and finally Islands Orcas, Lopez, and Shaw mockingly flaunted Diet Pepsi only from every vending machine, concession stand, restaurant, and convenience store. Riding back on the ferry at the end of our trip, a huge Diet Pepsi truck hopped aboard at Lopez Island, destined for the mainland. No Diet Coke for sale on the ferry either, as you probably guessed.

San Juan Islands? I think not. More like the "No Trespassing/Private Property Islands, brought to you by Pepsi."