See You In Hell!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Deliverance State Park

Our camping trip this past weekend was awesome, with the possible exception of some of our neighbors at the campground.

Replete with bad perms, acid wash jeans, tank tops, and the "off" look of people that have suffered too much inbreeding, they arrived in 3 giant, monster truck-ish, early model SUVs, one of them purple with flames adorning the hood. Trailers in tow behind these "vehicles" held several 4-wheel ATV's, which they apparently used in lieu of walking. Instead of a nice evening stroll around the staggeringly picturesque campgrounds, they would putter leisurely by each and every campsite, winding slowly throughout the entire campground, kicking up steady clouds of dust, and staring at their fellow campers as if they were on safari.
And the dogs. Pitbulls, 3 of them, with heavy chains for collars, unleashed despite the clearly posted campground regulations, and all sporting prominent balls (Why is it always unneutered pitbulls with these people?!!)
The most annoying member of this motley crew was a mid-40s woman who still thought she was 21. Her bad bleach job and Britney Spears-ish attire did nothing to offset her leathery face and dubious hillbilly dental work. Additionally, it soon became apparent that this woman had never learned the distinction between "inside voice" and "outside voice". She shrieked like a harpie, cackling uncontrollably at the tiniest of things, and hooting inexplicably and orgasmically, sounding somewhat like Robert Plant in that one part of Led Zep's "whole lotta love". Even the decent, god-fearing retired couple on the other side of us were shaking their heads as if to say, "that bitch aint right".

Thursday, July 03, 2008

I'm back!

...and I'm 40. Here's a couple of pix from the Caribbean islands of Anguilla and Saba: