See You In Hell!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Weekend in Minneapolis

Sunday, January 18, 2009

facebook silliness

Here's an excerpt from some Facebook silliness Em, Dylan & I generated.
It started with the following status update, and just went downhill from there:

My status post: "Jennifer is looking out the window at a beautiful hoar frost. And no, a "hoar frost" is not something that happens when a prostitute gets too cold."

Em/Dyl: "I disagree. Also, a horehound is a dog that is sent after missing hookers. Dylan adds that Horatio is the ratio of whores to the general public."

Me: "Hornitos : the new frito lay snack geared towards the hooker demographic."
"Horizon: the new whore-only cell phone service provider."
"Horology: The study of whores."
"Horoscope: I think this one is self-explanatory."

Em/Dyl: "Hornets-what you use to trap a whore.
"Horrible- something that can be whored out"
"Horniculture-what you get if you swab the back of a hooker's knee and place it on a petri dish of agar."

Me: "Hokey- Something that is used to get into a hooker's apartment"
"Hokku- poetry written by a whore."
" Horsehide-what happens when the cops show up."

Em/Dyl:"homey - a request to a pimp (when starting one's career as a callgirl)"
"hokum - I'm not even going to explain this one."