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Friday, February 04, 2005

x-rated CADD-generated coat hook

x-rated coat hook
Originally uploaded by jege.

Say the word CADD (computer-aided drafting & design) to any architect, and he/she will know immediately what you are talking about. Then they will club you over the head with their coffee cup and run like hell.

We as architects are intimately involved with CADD on a daily basis, whether it be for designing & documenting a building, or just zooming in and out & attempting to look busy, while our minds wander to the very ends of time and space, pondering the age-old existential mysteries of life...."do I have any beer in the fridge?"...."Have I really given cooking with Pam a chance?"....."What the hell was THAT in the litter box this morning?".... and so on.

Therefore, It is no surprise that sitting hunched over a computer for 12 hours a day, mind-melding with your CADD program can sap one of your most basic human desires. And no, I'm not talking about the Urge To Line-Dance. I'm talking about Good Old Freaky Acrobatic Circus Sex.

Have you ever wondered how those CADD gurus satisfy their lustful urges? Me neither. But nevertheless, here is an example.... proof of the incendiary sexuality percolating just below the surface of every CADD user, screaming to be acknowledged:


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